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Privacy Policy

Anytime Podcast Player is developed by an individual and is not represented by any legal entity.

What information do you store?

Anytime Podcast Player only stores data that is necessary for the application to function as provided by you, the user. Such data includes the podcasts you have subscribed to, details of the episodes you have downloaded including, for example, the download status of the episode and how far in to the episode you are in order to resume playback at a later time. The app does not include any advertising or third-party tracking code. The full source code of Anytime Podcast Player is available on GitHub for anyone to view.

How Antime Podcast Player processes your data

Anytime Podcast Player stores the data it needs to function locally on your device. It does not directly share any of the information you provide except where strictly necessary for the functioning of the app (see next section). The app developer has no access to any of your data.

What data other parties may collect and store

Anytime Podcast Player communicates with third-parties in order to provide typical functionality expected in a Podcast player. This includes search, charts and viewing podcast and episode details. These third-parties may collect some information:

iTunes: Anytime Podcast Player uses the public iTunes API to provide the search and chart facilities. iTunes may, for example, store the words that make up your query and your public IP address. Please refer to the relevant privacy policy on the Apple web site.

Podcast Holders: The details of an individual podcast is provided by the podcast holder by means of a public RSS feed. The podcast holders may collect basic data such as your public IP address and the date and time you accessed the podcast feed. Please refer to their respective privacy policies for details.

Android permissions required by Anytime Podcast Player

Anytime Podcast Player requires some privacy-related privileges in order to function. These are:

Updates to this privacy policy

The developer may update this privacy policy in the future to ensure it is kept up-to-date with future developments of Anytime Podcast Player. It is advisable to check the policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this privacy policy are effective when they are made on this document.

This privacy policy was last updated on 13th August 2021.